2017 Corporate Event Planning Trends

December 21, 2016

Janet Collens

The event planning industry is constantly changing. What was trendiest last year is no longer a big thing today and this will also change in 2017. Event planners are looking for new ways to make their events exciting and still maintain that corporate image. While keeping up-to-date with what is new and popular can at times be very exhausting, it is vital to do so if you want to be successful in event planning industry. The following are corporate event planning trends to watch out for in 2017:

Event Apps

Event apps are revolutionizing the events industry by making things easier, fast and more interactive. This is one of the biggest event trends for 2017. The need to increase interaction and engagements inside and outside an event has led to the rise of mobile event apps. These apps allow people attending an event to give instant feedback about the event through polling. Attendees can give feedback to the organizers about different issues discussed or what the attendees think about the event. This has changed the way events are conducted and it is no longer a boring affair where one person talks and the rest listen but the attendees are given a chance to air their views.

The use of Smartphones

A huge percent of people attending events spend most of their time glued to their smartphones. This is not going to change anytime soon. Almost everyone today owns a smartphone and it is changing how we communicate and interact with each other. Therefore, event planners should embrace the use of smartphones in events by ensuring that the attendees are given an opportunity to connect with other people inside and outside the event. This can be done by providing Wi-Fi connectivity for the people attending to link with the organizers, the speakers and the rest of the people through social media platforms and event apps.

Live streaming

Live streaming of events has been criticized in the past because of the risk of reduced ticket sales. Event planners and organizers were afraid of not reaching their projected ticket sales as people might opt to watch the live streaming instead of physically attending the event. However, live streaming has far reaching benefits like creating awareness of the event, online conversations and advertisements. If an event is well planned and broadcasted, many people will wait to watch it and this will attract advertisers to the event and you can actually make money out of the live streaming of the event.

Digital Swag Bags

Event planners are looking for creative ways to thank the attendees for coming to the event. In the past gift bags were given to attendees to take away with them. in 2017, digital swag bags involving online gift vouchers will be an alternative to the traditional gift vouchers.