2017 Wedding Planning Trends

January 15, 2017

Janet Collens

Whether you are planning to walk down the aisle in 2016 or planning to say I do in 2017 or thereafter, you will want your wedding day to be stylish. The following are 2017 wedding planning trends:

The vintage wedding

This trend has been there and is going nowhere. The use of old-style items and antiques to spruce up a wedding makes everything romantic and stylish. Many couples today opt to include family treasures from the past within their décor. This gives a personal touch and character to the wedding. This is a trend that will be there in 2017 and beyond.

Color trends

2017 is about color. There will be an influx of natural elements like weathered wood, metals and cement combined with clean stones, best suited for bohemian theme. These natural colors and elements are ideal for industrial looks especially if your wedding venue is an old warehouse, a studio or a castle building.

Fashion trends

Metallic and whites are expected to top the palette charts in 2017. This does not mean the gold or the shiny silvers. A mix of soft, brushed metallic with white accents is a perfect combination for a wedding. You can include industrial and modern touches to produce that fashionable and classy look. Brides are no longer going for gold and silver as their preferred jewelry but are opting for soft metals that complement their personality and add character to their dressing. Latin inspired wedding gowns are gaining popularity and are set to change the wedding scene in 2017.

Décor trends

When it comes to the wedding décor, the following key trends have been identified: LED lighting, metallic, nature, ethnic accents and raw materials. The décor people are shifting from the use of ordinary things as décor materials and are now adapting the use of raw materials and ethnic accents to decorate and make the wedding venue lively and interesting. Plastic chairs are being replaced with other innovative items like the use of traditional wooden chairs and tables. However, you should not use them all at once, strategically and balanced accents will have a huge impact.


Many couples today want personalized weddings and they want customized items for their wedding. This is because they have realized that a wedding is the beginning of living together as a couple and it is their day. Therefore, most couples want a personalized wedding. This trend will be experienced through monogrammed items like menus, dance floor and so many other areas.

In summary, wedding planning is changing and couples want their weddings to be more fun and the best day of their lives. Therefore, wedding planners should watch out for the best trends to ensure that the day is glamorous.