Alternatives to Wedding Bouquets & Flowers

July 4, 2017

Janet Collens


Your wedding day is one day where you get to choose what you wear, what the venue will look like, what food will be served, and how everything will be managed. Over the years, a number of traditions have become part of wedding ceremonies; such as white brides’ dresses and bouquets of flowers. If you are allergic to flowers, or conscious about the environment, or just want something different, you can use an alternative arrangement for your bridal bouquet. Using an alternative is also lighter on the pocket, and there is no end to the adorable pictures you can get if you manage to grab the right alternative! Read on to discover a few clever ideas that can become suitable alternatives for your wedding bouquets.

Alternative Arrangement Ideas for Your Wedding:
Here are some simple, easy to put together alternative arrangement ideas that can be used instead of flower bouquets at your wedding:

  1. Arm Garlands:
    This arrangement doesn’t fall too far from the tree; making up for an absent bouquet in the form of fashionable, delicate garlands that can be worn on the arms. Available in different shapes (including designs with fresh and artificial flowers), arm garlands are a great way to show off some color and sophistication while having your hands free when you need them.
  2. Feather Bouquet:
    An excellent alternative to traditional wedding bouquets is a feather bouquet. Made from artificial or real feathers, these bouquets can be bought in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes. They usually have a bunch of other elements like crystals, beads, or pearls for an unmatched modern, chic look.
  3. Vintage Parasol:
    Classic accessories are always a timeless addition to any event, and for your wedding, you can try out a parasol instead of a bouquet. Easy to handle, and just large enough to hide you away from the crowd, a parasol makes a great accessory for your wedding outfit. You can also get a paper parasol made to match with your wedding dress for a more modern twist.
  4. Bridal Clutch:
    The clutch is a woman’s best friend, coming in all shapes, colors, and sizes to help you get through the day. Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and a tastefully decorated bridal clutch that matches your outfit and the theme of the event will add a whole new dimension of style, sophistication, and class to your look.
  5. Brooch Bouquet:
    A recent trend, the brooch bouquet utilizes brooches of all kinds to create a stunning bouquet that you can proudly display on your wedding day.

Sometimes changing up a thing or two on your wedding is for the best. It shows off your flair for creativity and sets your wedding event apart from others, making a memorable impact on family, friends, and all guests. Having an alternative arrangement instead of traditional wedding bouquets and flower settings is an excellent idea, and is sure to leave a positive mark on your wedding day.