As "Younique" as your personal style!

August 29, 2017

Janet Collens


So, my client says, “I want everything to do with my wedding to be unique”, can you do that? My inside voice was telling me “oh, oh this could be trouble”. Using my professionalism and smile, I said, “of course, we can work together to bring your vision to light”.

Now that may have sounded like I was not going to be able to accomplish this unique wedding, but in fact it is possible. It is important that the couple take time to research their hopes and wants for their wedding by noting ideas and inspirations to ensure that there is a clear vision that reflects their own personal style.

What is really meant by “their own personal style”? Is it John’s Superman t-shirt and Jake’s favorite kilt? Emma’s love for frills and Sam’s obsession with golf? Or maybe, Lila’s perfect Cinderella Slippers and Shayna’s obsession with the color avocado green? These are considered a personal style and all personal’s styles are easy to incorporate into a wedding.

A neat approach and fast becoming a trend is “Groomifying” your wedding. You can incorporate his sport by having the ring bearer dress in the uniform of his favorite sport or have a special cake made just for him, it could like the 18th hole. What about socks that incorporate Superman?

Avocado green can be incorporated in the wedding bouquet or corsages and boutonnieres, wedding party dresses, ceremony and reception décor, signature drinks and lights. My personal fave is a luxe reception lounge.

No matter who’s wedding, the “unique” falls in to each one based on “their personal style”. So, do not worry that your will have a “cookie-cutter” soiree, your vision will be as individual as you are!