Before and after the Wedding

March 4, 2017

Janet Collens


Planning a wedding can be a time and energy consuming affair, which can make it difficult to remember to factor in some great events for before and after the wedding. Pre and post wedding events are essential to help you relax prior to the big day, as well as ensure that you continue to enjoy yourself even after the big event. Below are a few great ideas to help you make the best of the time before and after the wedding, to ensure you have a great time before settling into a blissful marital state.

Winery tours
Instead of spending your pre-wedding/bachelor/bachelorette party getting hammered at the local watering point, take this opportunity to travel to a wine region to sample the various wines on offer. Many wineries are located in places of spectacular beauty, so you can combine a wine tasting with a hiking tour and/or picnic.

Spa Day
Get some much needed pampering and relaxation in preparation for your big day. chances are that you are already tensed up as you prepare for your wedding and getting in some spa treatments such as a massage and skin and body treatments will ensure that you look and feel great when your wedding day rolls around.

Dance the night away
Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away with a group of friends. You can choose to hit the hottest club or attend a theme night such as a disco party at a club that caters to older, more mature members. Ensure to do this well before the wedding day however, as you do not want to be too exhausted to enjoy your own ceremony.

What better way to wind up the day than with a chilled out bowling game at the local alley. Once the wedding festivities are over, head over to your local bowling joint and enjoy a relaxed game accompanied by friends, cold beverages and some comforting fast food.

Take advantage of the great weather if your wedding is in the summer or autumn and organize a camping retreat for your wedding party. Cold beers, barbecue, and sing-alongs by the campfire should appeal to everyone no matter how tired they are, and ensure that a good time is had by all.

If 2017 is the year you finally say I do, ensure to celebrate this life change both before and after the event, in order to create memories that you will enjoy thinking about for many years to come.