Factors to Consider When Planning Fundraising Events

December 31, 2016

Janet Collens

Fundraising events are a common form of fundraising. Although they can be a great way to raise funds for an individual or an organization, they can be time consuming and expensive in terms of planning. It is essential to point out that the success of any event depends on careful and elaborate planning. The following are factors to consider when planning a fundraising event:

It is essential to decide and understand the purpose of your event. Is the event purely a fundraising event or there are other goals? Some organizations plan fundraisers not only to raise money, but to gain publicity. Understanding the details and the purpose of the event will help you decide what to include in the event and what to avoid.

The Fundraising goal
In partnership with the organization staff, the event host and major fundraisers for the event, you must know the amount of money you expect to raise at the end of the event. Everything in the event plan should be geared towards raising that specific amount of money. It is necessary to suggest that the amount you choose should be what you expect to get after deducting all the expenses. If the expenses are more than what is collected at the event, then it ceases to be a fundraising event.

It is always a good idea to have a budget and working within the same budget. The budget for the fundraising event should include all the expenses that will be required for the event, staff invitations, catering expenses, transportation, entertainment, space rental, utilities, security and any other thing that will be required to make the event successful. Additionally, the fundraising goal should be factored into the budget. This will help in ensuring that the amount raised at the event is beyond all the expenses.

Target audience
Every event has a target audience. It is essential for you to know your target audience. If it is a general fundraiser you can invite everyone to the event. But if the event is meant for a specific group of people for example the business people, young professionals or parents, you need to ensure that they are the only attendees at the event. Inviting other people at the event can change the meaning and the spirit of the event.

In summary, fundraising events can be a success with proper planning and understanding what is needed at the event. You should always thank your guests for coming at the event and contributing at the event.