Popular Millennial Wedding Trends

December 18, 2016

Janet Collens

Popular Millennial Wedding Trends
Traditional weddings are characterized by crispy ironed tuxedos, perfectly posed pictures, luscious white cakes and a general decorum and etiquette that define a typical marriage celebration. However, this is not the case today. We are living at a time when traditions are being changed and re-invented and not all weddings have to go by the book. Millennial weddings today are on the rise. They are very liberal, innovative and open-minded. The following are popular millennial wedding trends:

Popular wedding colors
Popular colors like ivory, white, blue, pink, metallic, purple and dark blue are the most preferred colors in millennial weddings. The couples tend to choose these colors because they are trendy and stylish. The décor, the wedding dress and even the people attending the wedding are asked to dress up in these colors during the wedding.

Destination weddings
Millennial weddings are very expensive and the couples choose unusual destinations as the wedding venue. These places are great for a wedding but they tend to be a little bit expensive. Besides the pomp and color of these venues, there is the part of cost that should never be ignored. If you do not have adequate cash for a destination wedding venue, you can still have a great wedding somewhere close to where you live. Among the popular venues include, rustic castles, islands, historic buildings banquet halls, country clubs, farms just to mention but a few.

Millennial couples tend to personalize everything from the wedding entourage, to the wedding venue, to the décor, to the invitation and announcements; almost everything at the ceremony is personalized. Being their day, millennial couples want the ceremony to be about them. You will find their names and pictures on almost everything at the wedding ceremony. Some couples even go for hand crafted invitations, table settings and décor.

Pop culture
Millennial couples are willing to go above and beyond their wedding budget to make their wedding to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. Some will even incorporate the latest movie scenes as their wedding theme. They incorporate pop culture in their wedding just to make it unique and stylish. It is important to point out that most millennial weddings are expensive because of the many things included in the wedding setting and planning.

In conclusion, whether you are planning a millennial wedding, a traditional wedding, religious wedding or any other type of wedding, you need to ensure that you stick to your wedding budget.