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Engagement Party Planning

The question was "popped" – you said "yes!" You know have a sparkle in your eye and on your finger!!!! You are getting married and there is no better reason to party. You can count on Turn of Events Inc. to help you celebrate your union. We'll help you mark the engagement milestone with an unforgettable party.

Engagement Party – Surprise or Not

Whether you are wanting to propose at a Surprise Engagement Party to your soon to be life-long love, or just want to host an event with measurable experience for your family and friends; Just ask us about some methods we've used before and we'll help you put your own spin on them.

A particular venue, a significant song, or notable phrase might all be used to set the stage for an unforgettable proposal. We can also assist you with determining the guest list for an engagement party you keep under wraps. You might only invite people from nearby or send invitations to individuals in neighboring areas.

Food with Purpose

Relieve the stress of planning menu options. Turn of Events Inc. can recommend a Caterer in your area. A Caterer has the ability to expand your food repertoire in terms of unexpected dishes.

Hiring a caterer will not only save you some money but will make your family and friends feel loved.


Worried your party might run too long or be shorter than expected? Those time-based concerns are common. However, we can put your mind at ease. We'll help you build a loose schedule of the party's main events. You might start by serving signature cocktails. Next, have time set aside for opening engagement party gifts. After that, run a slideshow highlighting notable events within your relationship. Finally, cap off the night with delectable engagement party cakes.


Planning an engagement party isn't easy, especially if you've never done it. Our experienced team can help you work out all the details, including making the atmosphere look inviting and filling it with beautiful details. You might get a bunch of balloons featuring your loved one's name or buy other types of personalized engagement party decorations to mark the occasion and set the mood for the guest of honor and attendees. Incorporating favorite colors is a nice touch that's not hard to implement.

We're Your Engagement Party Planning Experts

After thinking about some specifics for your engagement celebration, contact us. We'll help you plan what you need from start to finish.