Steampunk Inspired Styled Shoot

May 30, 2019

Janet Collens

I am still reeling from the styled shoot that we did a couple weeks ago. I mean, really, how often do you see a unique, eclectic Steampunk inspired wedding?

The models and the vendors could not have been more perfect for this event. From the vision for the shoot, the hard work and the laughter – this time was the greatest!!!!

It is of my opinion that there is a real opportunity to grow into the unique end of the wedding market by providing a differentiated service that focuses on unique, quirky and fun weddings. There is a trend across western countries which focuses on a much more interesting event for the guests of weddings. There is a thirst for guest experience, great food and wine, and a fun-filled celebration. Couples are spending more to get the “WOW” factor and this Styled Shoot was just that!

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of things you can do to set your wedding apart – from choosing a unique theme to adding distinct décor, putting a spin on traditional ideas, and more. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how this can be done.

Tablescape with Steampunk gears & Steampunk napkin holders

A stunningly decorated table for six with golden candle lights, giving the table an elegant look. Every plate, coal black in color, has a menu placed on it and the gleaming cutlery is placed on either side of it. There is a decoration piece consisting of a glass bottle with a string of lights in it.

Floral centerpiece with copper swirls coming out

A beautiful bouquet of flowers, designed to be placed at the center of the dining table at a wedding. The showpiece is full of various kinds of flowers, all in vibrant colors. to give it a more modern look, there are pieces of coppers shaped in swirls. The addition of swirls fits in perfectly with the Steampunk theme.

Steampunk Wedding Cake

A gorgeous cake with a small clock drawn in the middle. This cake is three-tiered with each tier being of different shape and color. The cake is decorated very gracefully with fondant violet roses and with tiny colorful pieces of pipelines on different sides on each tier of the cake. The clock placed on the second tier of the cake has roman numerals, giving it a simple, yet stylish look.

Gear decor on the fireplace mantle

The fireplace of the mantle is surrounded by glass bottles with cute light strings in it. Above the fireplace, there is a unique design of gears on the wall. It consists of half shaped gears in three metallic colors which are bright bronze, matt silver, and gold

The fashion was truly dramatic and inspired by the Victorian era. The brass goggles and hat were a style statement back then. Moreover, the black bodice jacket and long boots is a literature inspiration. Furthermore, the masculine look was considered appealing at that age. On top of that, a vintage-inspired table is used as a prop which adds to the beauty of this picture.

A flawless blend of vintage and modern era. A nicely chosen gold background embellished with gears. Adding to its beauty is the Victorian-inspired wooden table prop on which a bold sassy model is seated. The blue bodice worn by the model comes from the 19th century when bodice reached up to the length of the skirt. The black fiction inspired headpiece is a steampunk statement.

The photographer has skillfully captured a raw flirtatious moment between two girls. The expressions of joy and contentment are clearly visible from the smiles. Isn’t it? As well as that, the physical contact and placement of hands show an affectionate romantic relationship. How lovely is that! On the whole, in a vintage setting of backdrop, props, and costumes, modern romance is boldly depicted.

The picture is vividly depicting a moment of celebration among the girls. No doubt, the wedding is a season of festivities for the girl gang. Two boldly dressed women drinking with their hands crossed symbolize friendship and affection. The stone fireplace background takes us straight into the gothic world. The gold splatters on the wall and fairy lights in the wine bottle give a starry night look to the scene.

Overall – it was a FANTABULOUS! Day.