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Above and beyond!

October 1, 2019

I worked with Janet to plan our backyard wedding in Mission this past summer. Janet was one of the first vendors that I reached out to at the beginning of my wedding planning journey. To say that I was confused and overwhelmed would have been an understatement. The support that Janet provided from my first reach out until the wedding and the day of was so beyond helpful. She went above and beyond offering me support even before our contract began making my wedding planning experience so much easier. The platform she provided was amazing! Janet I can’t thank you enough for helping my dream become a reality and always providing me the support that I needed every step of the way including our big day. You always seemed to be one step ahead anticipating my needs. I would highly recommend Janet to future brides! Thank you again for everything Janet – I could not have done it without you!

Ally (Morrow) Hobson

The Key to a Stress-Free Wedding

September 10, 2019

We worked with Janet for our wedding coordination and decor setup and takedown. Janet was able to guide us expertly throughout the planning process and it was such a relief to know that with her help, no detail was being missed. The day of, my husband and I were both able to relax and have confidence that with Janet’s support the events of the day would unravel perfectly. Our ceremony and reception turned out better than we had dreamed, and Janet’s service in set up and take down meant that we were better able to enjoy our weekend and spend time with our friends and family. Our wedding was the best day of our lives and we truly have to thank Janet’s aesthetic eye, professionalism and hard work!



Janet, you invested an incredible amount of time and commitment to this project, you helped see this event from start to finish – simply put, this event would not have been coordinated without your support. We appreciate the skills and time you applied in working with the committee and community stakeholders.

Again, thank you for the countless hours you invested and the incredible support.

Kiersten Guiseppi

Development Manager, MS Walk MS Society, BC & Yukon Division

It is with great pride that I have this opportunity to share with you the incredible things Janet has done for our organization. When I was the President of our local Aerie as well as the Province of British Columbia and needed people to organize fund raising events in our clubs, Turn of Events Inc. stepped in, took charge and has coordinated many events for The Fraternal Order of Eagles.

I would recommend Janet of Turn of Events Inc. for any of your events and/or weddings.

Brian Kersey

Past Provincial President, Fraternal Order of Eagles


10/10 - Turn of Events Inc.

I would like to start this review as a thank you to Janet and Bill. Without your hard work, my wedding would have not been the same. So thank you so much for your dedication to my big day!

Janet was one of the hardest working vendors I had attend my wedding and one of the most down to earth and warmest ones too. It all started with her help in planning it. From getting vendor quotes to scheduling them, helping with center piece ideas and decore in general. Janet was with me every step of the way at least a year in advance to my wedding date, and at my beck and call.

During set up, Janet and Bill came on time with everything needed to get the job done. The day before she picked up rentals and made sure they arrived with her. There was no humming and hawing. Janet and Bill got to work! The entire hall was set up and ready to go with a lot of back breaking work by 1045 pm. There was one issue that happened that night and it was that the vendor who gave us our table linen made a mistake and didnt provide us with enough! Janet made sure the next day (on the wedding day) that the rest of the tables were set up! Including the head table which we couldnt set up that evening, was done....even making sure the table skirt fit on the weird head table that wouldnt allow the proper clips to work. (Thank you Janet!!!)

The day of, Janet was at the hall extremely early, making sure finishing touches happened, that the bar was ready to go and that any vendor coming in she would meet and dirrect to their locations. She greeted my guests with a warm smile that you will only know once you meet her.

She helped getting everyone into positions.. Which was more than difficult with my herd of troops, and got the dj to work the magic.

She ushered everyone down the procession and had everyone moving on time.

The entire day went without a hitch.... Or maybe it did but I would have NEVER KNOWN... Janet took care of everything (and if anything did happen that went sideways I never heard about it) she keept my day moving forward in every moment; to putting out our cocktail hour trays, to getting the caterers to serve up dinner, keeping our bar float clean and tidy and securing our funds, getting the champagne going for toasts, setting up and moving our tables in between ceremony and dinner.

Janet and Bill stayed long after we left our venue. They tore down my entire event and put away all our decorations and cleaned up the hall. It was more difficult than imagined as we needed to haul everything away in 1 mini van, but it got done. They did everything a Bride could ever ask for in a wedding coordinator and every single little thing that I have missed too. Janet was the best asset to my wedding day. She took every inch of stress and took it away, my parents are in complete awe of how much work these two people truly did... We really truly couldnt recommend a better partner in getting your event handled than Janet and Bill.

Once again Janet, Thank you very much!!!!"

Megan & Josh Sorensen

Turn of Events Inc. Went above and beyond to make our small wedding special. We recommend Turn of Events for any occasion.

Dave & Miku Hall