Things to Consider When Planning LGBTQ Weddings

December 24, 2016

Janet Collens

Now that same-sex marriage has been legalized across Canada and some other parts of the world, self-identified LGBT-friendly vendors and planners are rushing to offer their services to this group of people. This move is a great step towards creating a wedding environment that is LGBT friendly. The following are things to consider when planning an LGBT wedding:

Do not worry about what you should do
When planning an LGBT wedding, you should not worry about what you should do and what you should not. View it as an opportunity to let your creativity flow naturally. Since most same sex couples have no gender roles in their relationships, there is freedom to reinvent the wedding and make it as colorful as possible. You can make it as personalized as possible depending on what you think is right for you as a couple.

Get creative with the wedding party
Traditionally, the woman has to choose her maids of honor and the man has to nominate the best men. But this is not the case with LGBT weddings. You have the opportunity and freedom to choose the people you want to walk with you to the altar. You can mix them up have both men and women in your line up or have men only or women only. You can even change the name and call them the bridal brigade or simply skip the attendants all together and just walk down the aisle with your partner.

Wedding bands and engagement rings
As a couple, you have the choice of wearing identical rings or even have personalizing what you will wear as wedding rings. You can also forego the rings and user other things to symbolize your union. LGBTs are free thinkers and following tradition is never an issue to them. Therefore, you can choose to use wedding rings or do without them and still your wedding will be exciting. It is your day and nothing should change that.

The wedding attire
Two bridal gowns or two tuxedos will be a perfect choice for many LGBT couples. But this does not mean that you should follow this. You can wear flowing gowns, tailored wedding suits or you can pull off anything like Bermuda shorts and still look great in them. Wear something that makes each of you to feel comfortable and special.

In summary, LGBT weddings are on the rise and couples are looking for ways to have a beautiful wedding. Planners should also look for ways to decorate and plan such weddings in the most appropriate way possible.