Unique Dance Floor Options

June 12, 2017

Janet Collens

Dance is one of the most primitive forms of art, having been in use for centuries to tell powerful stories and convey emotions where words fell short. Today, dancing is limited to spending a night out, or to events like weddings. While dance no longer dominates our lifestyles today, it still remains a vital part of culture and is a symbol of happiness and joy. If you want to make your event memorable, having the right dance floor is one of the most important steps you can take. This will ensure all of your guests have an enjoyable time and partake in this lively activity.

Different Dance Floor Options:
Whether you are planning a wedding or other event, you can use a number of different unique dance floor options such as:

1. Classic Checkerboard Pattern Dance Floor:
Nothing lives up to the hype like the classic checkerboard pattern dance floor. Straight out of Hollywood, this dance floor has been the prime spot for dancing for decades. It will go along great with a vintage theme, and is great for outdoors arrangements too. You and your guests will enjoy unleashing latest dance moves and make the event more memorable.

2. Vintage Rug Dance Floor:
Straight out of the eighties, the vintage rug dance floor is an absolute stunner, both in looks and in convenience. You can set it up on almost any flat surface indoors or outside. Anyone who wants a dance doesn’t need to worry about slipping or the quality of the surface, since a soft rug dance floor will provide the friction and stability needed to whip out some hip moves.

3. Country Style Dance Floor:
Simple, cost effective, and still looking amazing after all these years, the country style dance floor is as down to earth as it gets. A simple wood construction, with café lights strung up on either end make this dance floor an excellent match for outdoor arrangements.

4. Illuminated Dance Floor:
A step into the contemporary world of music and dance, the illuminated dance floor adds a hip club feel to the event with its changing lights and awesome visual effects. It also makes for some truly elegant pictures, and is bound to be remembered as the highlight of your wedding ceremony.

5. Light Pattern Dance Floor:
The light pattern dance floor design has been gaining some quick traction in the past few months. This design calls for having a lighting expert create moving or stationary light patterns on any type of dance floor. Chic and modern, this style can transform any dull old dance floor or venue into an exciting place full of style and color.

When it comes to weddings, our attention wanders around the basics: invitations, the menu, flowers, and the décor. However, there is no doubt that dancing is the highlight of many events and having the right dance floor is essential in order to set the mood for an exciting fun filled time with family and friends.