Wedding Cake Trends

April 1, 2017

Janet Collens

Bakers, cake designers and brides everywhere can get inspiration from all types of subjects in 2017. This year’s cake trends allow creative license to everyone to design the cake of their dreams, without necessarily having to stick to a certain style. Whether you are seeking inspiration from nature, a fairy tale, styles from decades gone by and many other sources, 2017 is the year to design a cake that is to your exacting standards. Below are some wedding cake trends that are likely to be most popular in 2017:

Naked cakes.
This trend is all about showcasing the wonderful ingredients that have gone into making your dream wedding cake. Leaving out cake frosting and turning the cake inside out allows guests to have an idea of what they can expect to enjoy during your ceremony. Ensure to include mouth-watering ingredients in appealing colours to make your cake as delicious and photogenic as possible.

Lace wedding cakes
Want a cake to match your gorgeous lace gown? Then a lace wedding cake is the way to go. Featuring intricate designs that mimic the various types of lace including Venetian, Chantilly, brocade and Alencon, this type of wedding cake combines beauty and deliciousness, making yours a wedding cake that will turn out beautifully in photos as well as delight your guests. Light colours, fondant appliqués and other muted accessories should help you achieve an elegant and tasteful look.

Metallic cakes
This style is for the bride who would like a little opulence at her wedding. Edible glitter and gold or silver leaf are the main features of this stylish cake. You do not even have to apply metallic accents to your whole cake. Subtle details such as delicate embroidery and borders can help you achieve that glam look without having a cake that looks too gaudy.

Dessert tables
Your wedding is the one day you can indulge your sweet tooth without fear, especially after months of dieting to fit into your dream gown. This is why many brides are opting to go for a dessert table featuring a variety of wedding cakes in different flavours and styles. In addition, desserts such as doughnuts, cupcakes, ice-cream, cookies and many others can be included to provide your guests with sweet treats that they will remember for a long time.

Tall cakes
Invited the whole clan and village to attend your event? Then a tall wedding cake will provide ample servings to feed the large number of guests. Featuring upwards of four tiers, this cake makes for a great display, and ensures that everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied without running out of cake. 2017 is the year to experiment with new and unusual styles of cake for your wedding. Whatever style you decide on, make sure it is one that is in line with your vision for your big day, and one that you will enjoy reminiscing about for years to come.