Wedding Show Preparation

November 9, 2018

Janet Collens

Wow! What a week I have had. I set up a booth at the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival Wedding Show. It’s a big job…Mock set-up prior to events, load vehicles, unload vehicles, set-up booth, take down booth, load vehicles, drive home, unload vehicles…. lol…okay you get the picture!!!!!

But wait – I am not done yet. Send emails to all the leads that I received from doing this show. It was a great show, great experience and great attendance. I just loved talking to all the couples.

So, as I was sending my emails out to my leads, I started thinking about how overwhelming a wedding show can be to the couples. How can I assist our couples in preparing for a Wedding Show? Well, I came up with the following – so here goes!

A wedding show provides couples with the ability to see all the different vendors exhibiting all the different wedding related goods and services all in one place. There are rows of booths with ideas that can put you into sensory overload. Each booth will encourage you to sign up for their door prize (can you say writer’s cramp). You have the opportunity to view the wedding dresses, touch and feel all the amazing items, gain inspiration and most of all you are able to ask your questions to the wedding pros.

I am going to focus on the door prize sign up at each booth. Prior to attending the wedding show, I suggest that you create address labels with your name, address, phone #, email address (I suggest creating an email address specifically for your wedding) and wedding date and/or create yourself a business card with the same information on it. As you are stopping at each booth you can either use your address label and stick it on the entry form or you can just drop a business card into the basket. Ta Da – an easy way to put yourself in the game. I mean who doesn’t like winning things!

By the end of the day you will be exhausted. Go home, put your feet up, have a glass of wine and browse through all the literature you have received. I have no doubt that the wedding show has assisted you with ideas to incorporate with your wedding.

Happy Planning!!!!